Comic Master

Creating is the highest level of Bloom's Revised Taxonomy. Comic Master is one way to facilitate creativity in the classroom. Comic Master is a web-based tool used to build short graphic novels. Comic Master allows you to create a custom page layout or select from pre-formatted pages. Once pages are created, start creating your story using backgrounds, props, special effects as well as though bubbles, speech bubbles, and caption boxes.

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Comic Master for Creativity 2 from Mandy Taylor on Vimeo.

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Classroom Implications

As graphic novels may make reading more accessible to students, creating a graphic novel may make creative writing more accessible to and manageable for students.

For the Teacher

Comic Master would easily facilitate creative narrative writing in the classroom.

Comic Master would be a great way for students to respond to reading using the SCAMPER process for creative brainstorming.

Students could also create historical fiction or fan fiction with Comic Master.

Comic Master could also be used for character education. Graphic novels could be used to illustrate a character trait or how to resolve conflicts.

Additional Resources

Graphic Novels in the Classroom by Gene Yang. A research article in graphic novel format.

Using Graphic Novels with Children and Teens: A Guide for Teachers and Librarians
from Scholastic.

Using Graphic Novels and Comics in the Classroom "Specific strategies" from Edutopia

But This Book Has Pictures! The Case for Graphic Novels in an AP Classroom.
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List of Additional Sites for Creating Comics

Toontastic--iPad and PC compatibility

Possible Work-Around to Save Graphic Novel Using the Google Chrome Browser
1. Click on the Print icon in Comic Master.
2. In the print dialogue box, select "Destination."
3. "Change" the destination.
4. In the Destination dialogue box, select "Save as PDF."