In this part of the session, I can:
  • understand how to complete a teacher observation in the online tool.
  • practice completing an observation in the online tool demo site.
  • discuss and review tips for managing the teacher evaluation process in the tool.
  • locate resources for using the online tool including the NCEES wikispace, help guides, webinars, and contact information.

Practice completing an osbervation in the demo site here:

Use the principal login information on the card provided to you.

Additional Resources

Minimum Observation Requirements Chart
Understanding Standard 6 - Archived Webinar
NCEES Wikispace - Find updated manuals here.
Archived Webinars
Free Online Modules Related to the Teacher Evaluation Process
  • North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards
  • North Carolina Teacher Evaluation: Understanding the Process (2015 Update)

Agenda - Set Up and Roles - Started for Teachers - Teacher Observation - Reflection