In this part of the session, I can:
  • evaluate current data I am collecting and how I am using it to improve instruction.
  • reflect on data collection with a purpose.
  • understand and discuss the data pyramid and four essential questions.


Current Data Collection

  • On separate index cards write the following:
    • A piece of data you are currently collecting.
    • What can that piece of data tell you?
    • How do you use that piece of data?
  • Complete for as many pieces of data you are currently collecting using a new index card for each.
  • Find a partner, share and discuss your data cards.
  • Answer the questions on the Data Collection sheet.
  • Whole group share.


The Data Pyramid

  • Read through the data pyramid sheet and use symbols to annotate the text.
  • Move to discussion groups based on numbers on sheet.
  • Have a volunteer to describe a question that the reading raised (i.e., text marked with a “?”).
  • Invite others who marked the same text with a “ ! ” (indicating prior understanding) to explain their thinking.
  • Continue this process until each individual has shared at least one question or thought. Jot down any questions that cannot be answered by the group.


Four Essential Questions Document

Agenda - Reflection - Data Collection - Assessment - Next Steps