Session Objectives:
1. Participants will apply close reading strategies to the descriptors in the rubric to identify key words and discuss their significance.
2. Participants will collaborate to define evidences for elements at each level in the rubric to develop a common understanding.
3. Participants will discuss and write coaching questions using the language of the rubric to prepare for teacher conferences.

Alignment to Standards

Principal Eval.PNG
Standard IVc. Teacher and Staff Evaluation:The principal/assistant principal evaluates teachers
and other staff in a fair and equitable manner with the focus on improving performance and, thus, student achievement.

Facilitator Contact Information

Dr. Lisa M. Amerson - Professional Development Coordinator, West Area, NCDPI

Activity Resources

Google Doc for Coaching Questions
Blank Evidence Cards
Google Doc with Combined Evidences Developed During Session


Post Observation Conference Planning Document
Communication Concerns Directly Conference Planning Document
NC Teacher Evaluation Manual May 2015
Sample Evidences for Standards 1-5
Questions for Post-Observation Conference and Summative Evaluation


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