Extend Teacher Learning with Free PD Modules in Home Base

Session Description: Come and explore the re-designed rt3nc.org website to discover the online modules available in the Home Base professional development tool. We will analyze sample teacher rubrics and create a PD plan based on needs using the modules. Possible implementation plans will also be compared. Laptop or tablet required.

Session Objectives

1. Participants will explore the online modules available in the Home Base Professional Development Tool by using the rt3nc.org website.
2. Participants will analyze sample teacher rubrics to define needs and create a professional development plan using the online modules.
3. Participants will assess the available resources and plan for further implementation in their school or district.

Alignment to Standards

Teacher Eval.PNG
Standard Ic: Teachers demonstrate leadership:
Teachers lead the teaching profession.

Standard Vb: Teachers reflect on their practice:
Teachers link professional growth to their professional goals.
Principal Eval.PNG
Standard IVa: Professional Development/Learning Communities:
The principal/assistant principal ensures that the school is a professional learning community.

Standard IVc. Teacher and Staff Evaluation:
The principal/assistant principal evaluates teachers and other staff in a fair and equitable manner with the focus on improving performance and, thus, student achievement.

Facilitator Contact Information

Dr. Lisa M. Amerson - Professional Development Coordinator - West Area
Heather Stewart - Professional Development Coordinator - South Area

Click here to access the rt3nc.org website.


Exploration Activity

Exploration of the rt3nc website document - Google version
Exploration of the rt3nc website document - Word version

Analyze Rubrics Activity

Teacher Summary Rating Worksheet
Teacher Scenario
Teacher Professional Development Plan

Implementation Models

Link to Implementation Guide
Link to Implementation Models Label Game
Smaller Drag and Drop version of game is located at the bottom of this page.

Planning and Reflection

Implementation/Action Planning document - Google version
Implementation/Action Planning document - Word version


Link to Professional Development Session Feedback Form You can use the title RT3 for this session.

Drag and Drop Label Game