1. To review system set-up, including assigning the professional development plan and evaluation plan types, in the NCEES online tool.
  2. To review how to assign roles in the NCEES online tool.
  3. To review how a teacher and principal complete the training/orientation date and professional development plan initial review in the NCEES online tool.
  4. To review online resources available related to the North Carolina Educator Evaluation Process.

System Set-Up and Role Assignment


Quick Start Guide With Principal and Teacher Responsibilities
Teacher Evaluation Process Graphic
Professional Development Plan Types Flow Chart

Getting Started for Teachers

Additional Resources

NCEES Wikispace - Find updated manuals here.
Archived Webinars
Free Online Modules Related to the Teacher Evaluation Process
  • North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards
  • North Carolina Teacher Evaluation: Understanding the Process (2015 Update)


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Afternoon Resources

Teacher Evaluation
How to Complete an Observation - Archived Webinar
NC Evaluation Process Chart
Minimum Observation Requirements Chart
Understanding Standard 6 - Archived Webinar

Principal/Assistant Principal Evaluation
Principal/Assistant Principal Evaluation Process Graphic
Getting Started for Principals/Assistant Principals - Archived Webinar
Free Online Modules Related to the Principal/Assistant Principal Evaluation Process
  • North Carolina Principal and Assistant Principal Evaluation: Understanding the Process
  • North Carolina School Executive Standards

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