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North Carolina Educator Evaluation System
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Training Materials

West Area Charter School Huddle

July 18, 2017 at Lincoln Charter School
Click here for resources for NCEES: The Teacher Evaluation Process and Using the Online Tool

North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards Recorded Webinar Series 2016-17Standard 1: Demonstrate LeadershipStandard 2: Respectful EnvironmentStandard 3: Content KnowledgeStandard 4: Facilitate Learning (Elements a-d)Standard 4: Facilitate Learning (Elements e-h)Standard 5: Reflection
North Carolina School Executive Standards Recorded Webinar SeriesStandard 1: Strategic LeadershipStandard 2: Instructional LeadershipStandard 3: Cultural LeadershipStandard 4: Human Resource LeadershipStandard 5: Managerial LeadershipStandard 6: External LeadershipStandard 7: Micro-Political Leadership
October 31, 2016 - West and North Area Training at Queen City STEM School
NCEES for Charter School Administrators

March 21, 2016 - Collaborative Conference for Student AchievementDefining Evidences for NCEES 3d: Making Instruction Relevant
March 3 and 8, 2016Evidence and Coaching Questions: Using the NCEES Rubric
October 22, 2015
Southwest Regional Training - Charlotte
Getting Started in the Online NCEES Tool
Understanding the Standards

October 7, 2015Western Regional Training - Mills RiverGetting Started in the Online NCEES ToolUnderstanding the Standards
September 15, 2015West Area Collaborative Charter School MeetingGetting Started in the Online Tool