Easel.ly is an online tool that allows you to create infographics. An infographic, also known as a data visualization, is a visual display of information through the use of graphics, color, and symbols. Infographics allow the viewer to "experience" the information on a variety of levels. In our 21st century world, we are accustomed to receiving information in small bytes. Infographics allow us to absorb information in this manner.

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Website: www.easel.ly
Task #1: Search the infographics sites listed in the Other Resources section or browse the public visuals on the easel.ly site. Find an infographic worth sharing.

Task #2: Review this infographic that defines the seven-step process for creating an infographic.

Task #3: Create a free easel.ly account by clicking here. Create your own infographic.
Classroom Implications
Infographics can serve as great discussion starters about a concept or topic. They can help students justify their arguments or pinpoint misconceptions. Infographics help students interpret information visually.

By creating their own infographics, students can demonstrate their understanding of a concept in a creative, visual, interactive manner and use their critical thinking skills.

Administrative Implications
There are numerous infographics that represent state and national data, societal issues, and trends. Educational infographics are abundant on the web. Furthermore, new technologies are being created everyday to support individuals as they create their own infographics to share important information with stakeholders.

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